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Imaging the Divine as intimate partners helps to balance consciousness of the sacred and heal the distortions of the current, rigid patriarchal systems in both our religions and our governments. 

On this site, you’ll find weekend experiences for women, with presenters we love, whom past attendees have suggested, and whom we hold in great regard. They have made, through one medium or another, a resonant and lasting impression, which is not an easy feat in these times in which we live.

You'll find Rites of Passage that honor the phases of womanhood, from First Blood to Croning, and that attune to the Divine Feminine as a creative source both immanent and transcendent. Gaia - She who constantly gives birth to Herself.

We present our weekends in the spirit of learning, laughter, and a longing for connection and creative thinking with other human beings. We invite you to bring your heartfelt curiosity, your skepticism, your sadness, your fears, and your joy to any one of our wonderful, interactive weekends.

We want to know you. We want to know how you move through the world.



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  • Decoven Center 600 21st St Racine, WI, 53403 United States (map)

That Which Exists Outside of Time, Space and the Five Senses

A Summer Retreat for Women.

Featuring Jessica Macbeth and Sandra Kynes


A whisper in the woods, quiet laughter from the corner, a soft glow in the trees at night - a flash out of the corner of an eye, or perhaps just a thought that seemingly comes randomly but, makes oh-so-much sense. We call them Spirits, Faeries, Entities or "Other." They are that which exist outside of time, space and the five senses and they influence our world, our environment, and our lives in many ways. There have been legends and stories about them through the ages and across cultures. They can be helpers, or mischief makers who bring messages that are insightful and revealing. Join us as we bring together two powerful teachers to show us new ways of understanding and interacting with these energies and entities. 

 Jessica Macbeth

 Jessica Macbeth

 Jessica Macbeth is an accomplished metaphysical teacher and the author of the acclaimed, international best-selling book and card set, Brian Froud’s The Faeries’ Oracle praised as “the best modern oracle deck ever produced.” She is also the author of the books, Moon Over Water and Sun Over Mountain, two guides to meditation, imagery and self-discovery. She lives Port Townsend, WA.

“Some years back I was given a mission, which is to help bring people back to nature – back to the natural world, back to connection with Earthmama and the nature spirits of Faery, back to our own true nature. I guess that will keep me busy for a while.” – Jessica Macbeth

Sandra Kynes

Sandra Kynes

Sandra Kynes is an explorer of Celtic history, myth and magic, a writer, yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, and a member of the Bards, Ovates and Druids. Her inquisitiveness has led her to investigate the roots of her beliefs and to integrate her spiritual path with everyday life. She likes developing creative ways to explore the world, which serves as the basis for her books. Originally from New York City, she has lived in Europe, England, and now resides in coastal New England.  Her website can be found at:




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$350.00 for registrations received postmarked after June 5, 2014

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