Gaia's Womb

Gaia's Womb Changes Lives

Welcome to the Sisterhood!

Imaging the Divine as intimate partners helps to balance consciousness of the sacred and heal the distortions of the current, rigid patriarchal systems in both our religions and our governments. 

On this site, you’ll find weekend experiences for women, with presenters we love, whom past attendees have suggested, and whom we hold in great regard. They have made, through one medium or another, a resonant and lasting impression, which is not an easy feat in these times in which we live.

You'll find Rites of Passage that honor the phases of womanhood, from First Blood to Croning, and that attune to the Divine Feminine as a creative source both immanent and transcendent. Gaia - She who constantly gives birth to Herself.

We present our weekends in the spirit of learning, laughter, and a longing for connection and creative thinking with other human beings. We invite you to bring your heartfelt curiosity, your skepticism, your sadness, your fears, and your joy to any one of our wonderful, interactive weekends.

We want to know you. We want to know how you move through the world.



Why Gaia? - Who is She?

Who is Gaia? She is the Universal archetype of the spirit of nature and the soul of the planet. Of Greek origin she is also known as Gaea or Ge. Out of the void, the nothingness that was called Chaos, she composed and manifested herself. She was the first, the great Universal Mother, and goddess of birth, child rearing, fertility, agriculture, healing and dreams. Out of her womb she brought forth all of nature.

The womb is the vessel of life. It is a place for growth, transformation, evolution, and of birth. It is a safe haven of comfort and for healing. It is while in the womb that we receive the first gift of our mother, the rhythm of her heartbeat, the pulse of the Earth. It is the rhythm of our own hearts. Without it’s cadence we cease to exist. It is our foundation; we build our whole lives around it. Our heartbeat is the ultimate connection to Gaia. Gaia is the earth and the earth is nature, and we are children of the earth. 

In the world today there is a general call to people to get back to the core. It’s not just about taking care of our Earth but about getting back to our own center and taking care of ourselves. The organization Gaia’s Womb was formed by women, for women. Women are most often the nurturers, the caretakers, and the caretakers are most often the ones who neglect to take care of themselves. The creation of Gaia’s Womb was the response to the cry of women who longed to reconnect with the divine feminine. It has grown and continues to grow for the purpose of fostering sisterhood through nature, nurture, ritual, drumming and dance. The founding of Gaia’s Womb has been a bridge building experience for women of all spiritualities to use to integrate a connection with the Divine Feminine into their current path. Attendants are introduced to ancient traditions and rituals and encouraged to find and honor the Divine Feminine within them and within the Earth in Her Goddess form. 

Through the acknowledgement of Gaia, we have an intimate knowledge of the multi-faceted aspect of birthing. Gaia’s Womb has developed into being a safe place to incubate, to nurture ideas, to evolve, to birth transformation and create new life, all of which is the sovereign birth right of woman. Whether that new life is in the form of manifesting a dream, healing an illness or a wound, learning to sing, or a total rebirthing of ourselves, it is about returning to the mother, getting things into perspective, and getting back to true priorities within the safe space of the sisterhood.

We are born and we know, and it’s all very simple. As we develop through society we lose the knowing. It becomes easy to forget the memories of the earth that stream forth from our bones and our blood. Once there was a time when newborn infants were thought to possess the infinite knowledge and wisdom of the universe. There's an old story that tells about the angels who come to the cradle of every newborn child, lean over and gaze into the eyes of this tiny, wise one, then, place a finger upon the upper lip, just below the nose, (creating the philtrum) and whisper; “Hush, don’t tell what you know.” This story exemplifies what the patriarchy has done to women for centuries.  Gaia’s Womb is about taking women back to that space in the beginning and brushing aside that hand. It’s about refusing to allow ourselves to be “hushed.”

While in Gaia’s Womb, we connect with Her through rituals, which involve altar building, guided meditation, women's Rites of Passage, and aspecting Her in many of Her forms. Gaia is the elements; she is earth, air, fire and water, and each element is infused with her spirit. She is the face of the great Goddess, of woman -- the Maiden, the Mother, the Queen, and the Crone. She bleeds, she has fallen in love, travailed through the birth of all that is, been betrayed by her lovers, suffered the loss her children and she has returned to her own womb only to birth herself anew, and to begin the cycle again. Her presence and her handiwork are evident, in each cycle; of breath, of the rising and setting of the sun, of the phasing of the moon, and in each station of the Wheel of the Year, as its seasons have turned from the beginning of time. 

The organization of Gaia’s Womb continues to grow and transform. It encompasses all races and religions. Every presenter we work with is a representative of the mission of Gaia’s Womb and the choices are not made lightly. The need for this type of coming together has become urgent. We cannot get away from it, we cannot escape it because She is always there, we all share Her, we are all connected to Her, and to each other through Her. 

Listen to the resonance of the Earth rhythm, subtle yet familiar. The first gift our mother gives us; the beat of her heart -- the sound of the woman, the cadence of the mother, shared by every human. Gaia, Earth Mother, without her, we return to Chaos, and we simply cease to exist. Return with us to Gaia’s Womb.