Gaia's Womb Feb 2017.jpg

She is alive...

The concept that life has to be associated with biology and organic chemistry is becoming an obsolete idea.

Nature communicates to all people but most people are not aware of the language of the planet and the interaction that is happening all around them, all of the time. Some, who do notice it, either don’t understand it or are dismissive of it, not understanding, believing or trusting their own experiences.

Gaia, the anthropomorphic aspect of our planet, she who constantly gives birth to herself, she is the elements; she is earth, air, fire and water, and each element is infused with her spirit. She is the face of the great Goddess, of woman -- the Maiden, the Mother, the Queen, and the Crone. She bleeds, she has fallen in love, and travailed through the birth of all that is. She has been betrayed by her lovers, suffered the loss of her children and she has returned to her own womb only to birth herself anew, and to begin the cycle again. Her presence and her handiwork are evident, in each cycle; of breath, in the rising and setting of the sun, in the phasing of the moon, and in each of the seasons, as they have turned since the beginning of time. 

Be with us as we come together in our 19th year, on the shores of Lake Michigan. We welcome the return of two esteemed Elders, and beloved teacher; Phyllis Curott, author of, Book of Shadows, Witchcrafting and Love Spell, also Priestess and Founder of the Temple of Ara, and Creative Artist, Joanna Powell Colbert, Author of The Gaian Tarot, and devotee of the Divine Feminine.

    Phyllis Curott                               Joanna Powell Colbert